Holistic Yoga retreat in Kep, Cambodia

Next Retreats in May and June

4 day and weekend retreats available. 

Holy Tiger is a new Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness experience in Kep, Cambodia.

We like to keep things simple. Yoga gives you a more comfortable body, meditation gives you mental clarity, and connecting with nature and other like-minded people soothes your emotions.

Spiritualty and simplicity go hand in hand. Instead of being like muddy lakes or stormy seas, we aim to become crystal clear pools of water. The clearer it is, the deeper you can see.


The physical aspect of this ancient Indian tradition was designed to make the body comfortable for long periods of meditation. Today it is also perfect for correcting posture problems caused by modern living.


If you pay attention to your thoughts, you will notice that many of them are unhelpful. Through meditation, we can learn to clear away the clutter and focus on what matters. Everything starts with the mind.


After centuries of religious and scientific enquiry, life remains very much a mystery. Still, by reflecting on both ancient and modern knowledge, we can at least learn to fall in love with the mystery!


Spiritual practices do not have to be so heavy, “angels fly because they take themselves lightly”. Coming together to dance, share experiences or just to have a nice meal can lift our spirits more than anything else.

An Area Of
Outstanding Beauty

The sleepy coastal town of Kep is the perfect place for a Yoga retreat. The sea-views are incredible, as are the surrounding lush-green hills of Kep national park. The weather is warm all year round, and being so close to the sea provides a cool breeze making Kep a choice for many locals looking to escape the heat of Phnom Penh.

The philosophy of Yoga teaches that we are not separate from the world around us. Connecting with the beautiful nature in Kep will help you to experience this truth. 

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Holy Tiger Philosophy

Holy – because that’s what we all are deep down.

Tiger – because to see that often takes a lot of courage.

The three hidden hearts in the logo represent the love that can be found when we start to pay attention.

Holy Tiger is not for profit. The money goes to support local people who had their businesses destroyed by the pandemic. The owner of our Yoga space, the accommodation, our tour guide, and the chef were all made effectively unemployed by the lack of tourism. We are hoping to help them get back on their feet.

 Wellness retreats in developing countries are notorious for taking advantage of cheap labour and rent to generate large revenues which are taken out of the country. That’s not us.

 We are also passionate about bringing more wellness tourism to Cambodia. It is the perfect country for it given the beautiful countryside, incredibly friendly people and rich history of spirituality dating back to the ancient Angkor Empire and beyond.

Clean and Comfortable Rooms

Yogis do not have to sleep on beds of nails (or in sub-standard accommodations). 

Our rooms are a 5 minute seaside walk from the rooftop Yoga-space. All rooms have a private bathroom. All rooms have the option of AC. Double and Twin Rooms are available. 

Rooftop Yoga Space

As well as our the outdoor space pictured above, Yoga and meditation classes will be held on at our rooftop space, surrounded by lush trees and just moments away from the sea. 

Our Rescue Cats

According to ancient Chinese legend, the tiger learnt all of its skills from the cat. But even cats need a little help sometimes which is why we take care of and rehome stray cats. So you will have the opportunity to meditate with a kitten or two.

Explore a magical land

There are some incredibly interesting things to see in the local area that many tourists miss. You can take a trip back in time to a traditional fishing village, or visit sacred caves, waterfalls, and Buddhist temples.

Our tour guide, Somnang has an incredible wealth of local and historical knowledge which he loves to share with guests to this wonderful country.

"Let thy food by thy medicine"

The programs includes three vegan meals per day. Our Cambodian chef provides flavorsome food, cooked with a lot of love, and can take care of whatever dietary needs you have. Snacks are available throughout the day and we have some great herbal teas from locally grown healing herbs.

We also have options if you are looking for a detox, including a coconut water fast. If you have not fasted before, you may be surprised by the way it can make Yoga and meditation practices more powerful, and leave you feeling more energized than you would imagine.

May and June Retreats: "Raise Your Vibration"

You can join us for a weekend retreat with an optional meal and welcome meeting on Friday, followed by two full days of Yoga, meditation, and activities. There is the option to stay until Monday morning. 

We will be also hosting other short retreats in May and June. Please contact us for details. 

Questions And Answers

There will be two Yoga sessions a day (Hatha, Yin or sometimes other styles). There will also be a guided meditation and another session (dancing, group discussions/workshops, creative exercises and so on).

There will also be activities such as walking in the beautiful Kep national park, visiting the beach, or taking a trip to local mountains, lakes temples and villages (for an extra charge).

Three vegan meals will be provided, as well as teas made from locally-grown healing herbs.

The accommodation is included in the price is a 5-minute walk along the coast from the rooftop Yoga centre.

Since Cambodia has only recently opened, we have had to be flexible. So the venue we use will depend on the number of guests. We have a centre, just by the sea with a Yoga room, healing space, and rooftop practice area. If we get a large number of bookings, we have the option of moving to a nearby resort.

No, our teachers are familiar with teaching students of all levels. And we appreciate that people have many different reasons for attending a retreat. If you want to go deep, you can. If you just want to relax and unwind – that’s fine too!

Whether you are new to these practices or experienced and looking to improve, you will get a lot from this program if you have a sincere desire for inner growth.

It is very simple. Yoga will help to balance and strengthen your body. The meditation sessions will help you to gain better control of your mind. Mix in good food, beautiful nature and like-minded people and you have a recipe for peace of mind. This is something we all certainly need after the last couple of years. 

Yes! Cambodia is open and visas can be obtained on arrival.

The only restriction is that unvaccinated travellers will have to quarantine for 7 days in a government-approved hotel (many options are available).

It is possible to book a Khmer massage, traditional cupping, energy healing, life coaching and other holistic healing services.

The cost for our next retreat (13th – 15th May is $150)
and includes all accommodation, meals, and classes. There is an extra charge of $5 a day if you want an AC room. 

We will be starting an ongoing retreat program soon which will work out at around $35/day for everything. Please contact us for details. 

We are about 3 hour drive from Phnom Penh airport. A private taxi costs around $50, and minibuses are available for around $7 per person. If you take the minibus to Kep, you will have to take a TukTuk for around $1-$2 to the centre. Contact us and we can help you get here.

Contact Holy Tiger

If you would would like to book a place, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. To adapt to the world situation, we are being flexible Yogis and will try to accommodate you whatever your unique requirements.